Israelis Can't Stop Taking 'Bomb Shelter Selfies'


2014!. (Photo: Facebook)

2014! (Photo: Facebook)

As the violent conflict between Israel and Gaza continues, Israelis are passing time in the most 2014 way possible: They’re taking selfies.

The new phenomenon, dubbed “bomb shelter selfies” as reported by the Jerusalem Post, is a group picture of smiling people waiting out their time until the missile warning sirens stop emitting their terrifying noise. A Facebook group dedicated to the trend has amassed more than 1,500 likes in the past few days.

Even Israelis are confused by the concept of the “selfie” since some of the posts are just mere pictures, but the proper selfie snapshots show a unique look at the situation over there.

A picture posted by one user mused that one meets the “nicest people when you run for cover.” At least nobody is twerking — yet.