Jaguar's New Virtual Windshield Looks Designed to Distract Drivers

It doesn't even control the radio.

Zoom zoom. (Photo: YouTube)

Zoom zoom. (Photo: YouTube)

At first glance, this looks like it has the exact opposite of its intended effect, but let’s hear Jaguar out.  The posh automobile manufacturer recently took the wraps off its new technology called a virtual windscreen, a concept intended to improve a driver’s safety and accuracy.

It’s an augmented reality-powered display that litters the driver’s windshield with information, like telling drivers when to brake on treacherous curves or highlight road lines. (Check out the fancy video below to see how fantastic it looks in the dreary European weather.) The concept also includes a seemingly dangerous video game-like feature that projects a “ghost car” so drivers can race against it. Now that doesn’t sound too safe!

But, again, it’s a concept so it might never seen the light of day. A Jag-u-are spokesperson told the Drum it’s in in the testing phase. “We are working with our suppliers to develop the technology, and are estimating it has potential to reach production in around 10 years.”

Hopefully cars will be self-driving by then.