Man's 90 Foot Trip Constitutes Dumbest Uber Ride Ever

Worth it, tbh.

Impressive, really. (Photo: Reddit)

Impressive, really. (Photo: Reddit)

Life can be confusing when you’re drunk.

That’s what a Houston man recently learned after he requested a ride on Uber to take him to his next bar, but it turned out not to be very far from where he was standing.

The man, who goes by uhcougars1151 on Reddit, posted a picture of his e-receipt on the r/Funny section last night admitting that he might’ve taken the dumbest ride ever. The $4.28 journey was more than unnecessary because Bar A was just 95 feet away from Bar B — or, as The Independent calculates, a 20 second walk. The (likely?) tolerant Uber driver looped him around in a circle so he could hit the $4 minimum and because of the one-way streets.

On the bright side, at least he earned some credit card reward points.