Morning Media Mix: Everybody Go Downtown

The view downtown, including1 World Trade Center. (Getty Images)

The view downtown, including1 World Trade Center. (Getty Images)

Where Condé Nast goes, luxury staples like blow bars, fashion designers and expense account restaurants will follow. In this case, they are following the magazine company, which is moving to 1 World Trade Center in the fall, downtown. And wasn’t that the point of giving all those incentives to get companies to relocate? (The New York Times)

Heather Landy is leaving American Banker Magazine, where she is editor in chief, to become Quartz’s global news editor. Atlantic Media’s business site also announced that Indrani Sen will stay on as deputy news editor, a position she has been filling during Roya Wolverson’s maternity leave. Ms. Wolverson, who recently returned from maternity leave, is now a Quartz special correspondent based in Atlanta. Editor in chief Kevin Delaney announced the hirings in a newsroom memo this morning.

“It’s still not clear what we’re trying to do,” a Bloomberg Media executive  told CJR about the company’s digital transformation. “What do we want to be when we grow up?” When Justin Smith took over 200 days ago, he announced an ambitious, if vague, 100 day plan. “It’s not really a super-fast moving organization,” a sympathetic staffer said. (Columbia Journalism Review)

But maybe Josh Topolsky will help move the digital transformation along.The Verge co-founder is going over to Bloomberg to be the editor of a series of new online ventures that are part of the revamped journalism strategy. (The New York Times)

According to a new survey, “roughly 7.5 percent of book buyers say they’re buying fewer books from Amazon because of its standoff with Hachette while about 1.4 percent of book buyers are actually buying more books from Amazon because of it.” (Forbes)