Morning Media Mix: There Is No Going Back

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

Michael Wolff reflects on the how “media went from a series of choices and a schedule of events to the air we breathe.” But even though the constant flow of content has kind of taken over our lives, Mr. Wolff comes to the rather Zen-like conclusion that “sometimes things are so large that it is useless to say whether they are good or bad. They just are. The world is as it is. And there is no going back.” (USA Today)

Speaking of embracing the brave new world, Kevin Roose isn’t scared of the new robot journalists. In fact, he is very optimistic about the automated workforce. (New York)

Turns out, the Obama administration did have advance notice that the British government was going to destroy The Guardian‘s hard drives that had the leaked National Security Agency documents.(AP)

George Clooney, USA Today‘s new star writer, rejects The Daily Mail‘s apology for running a false story about his fiancée’s family. The tabloid took down the story and apologized after Mr. Clooney first wrote about it on Wednesday, but sometimes, sorry isn’t enough. (USA Today)

Like many young writers, Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes fantasized about becoming a hybrid of Hunter S. Thompson, Joan Didion and David Foster Wallace. (The New York Times Review of Books)