Newly Discovered 4-Winged Dinosaur Was Like 'a Big Turkey with a Really Long Tail'

It's the largest four-winged dinosaur ever discovered.

It was basically a dinosaur version of this. (Wikimedia Commons)

It was basically a dinosaur version of this. (Wikimedia Commons)

If you thought cockroaches were bad, thank god you didn’t live in the days when four-winged flying reptiles roamed the Earth.

Scientists have discovered fossils in China belonging to a terrifying-looking four-winged dinosaur, the Guardian reports. Measuring 1.3 metres, or a little over four feet, the Changyuraptor yangi is the largest four-winged dinosaur ever found, and is 60 percent larger than the four-winged dino in second place (suck it loser).

“Four wings? That sounds greedy,” our coworker said when we announced the dinosaur’s discovery.

It sure does seem greedy, but the 125 million-year-old dino apparently used all those extra feathers to help with flight control, “in particular allowing the animal to reduce its speed to land safely,” according to the Guardian.

C. yangi was [like] a big turkey with a really long tail,” Alan Turner, who wrote about the dinosaur, is quoted as saying. “We don’t know for sure if C. yangi was flying or gliding, but we can sort of piece together this bigger model by looking at what its tail could do. Whether or not this animal could fly is part of a bigger puzzle and we’re adding a piece to that puzzle.”

We’ll leave you with the super fun fact that its back set of wings are called “hindwings.” Bye!