Nobody Noticed That Netflix Killed Saturday Delivery

Are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next?

Miss you. (Photo:

Miss you. (Photo:

Believe it or not: Netflix still delivers DVDs via something called the mail.

It was a revolutionary concept when the company launched in 1997, but fast forward to now and it’s not something that we really need — especially since everything good is streaming on its site. In early June, Netflix quietly ended shipping discs on Saturdays and it took weeks before anyone (besides a group of astute observers) noticed the change.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that it has indeed eliminated delivering DVDs on Saturday. Members from the Netflix Community were, nonetheless, peeved by the company’s cost-cutting move. Per Uproxx:

Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to increase profits by 15%, Netflix has gone ahead and ended Saturday deliveries on their own. I did not learn of this change from the media. I did not learn of this change through an email from Netflix. I learned of this change while speaking to Netflix Customer Service about a problem with their website. They told me that Saturday deliveries were discontinued.

This is your time to shine, Redbox!