Oncoming Train Crushes Woman Trying to Rescue Her iPad


Let it go. (Flickr)

Let it go. (Photo: File)

An East Harlem woman’s failed attempt to grab her iPad should serve as the ultimate reminder to never ever try to never rescue a fallen object — no matter how pricey it might be.

The New York Post reports that Aracelis Ayuso died Saturday afternoon after her Apple device fell onto the tracks at the Union Square station and she was squashed by an oncoming Brooklyn-bound 4 train.

The 21-year-old reportedly tried to catch the iPad, but lost her footing, which caused her to “tumble forward and land on the tracks just as the train was coming.”

The train’s conductor said they tried to stop the train after noticing her laying on the tracks, however it was too late. Witnesses told the Post that she looked “exhausted” on her way home from work, which might have played a factor in her death.