'Overwhelming' Response Forces FCC to Extend Net Neutrality Comment Deadline

You have another 48 hours to call the FCC "dicks."

All the credit goes to him. (Photo: YouTube)

All the credit goes to him. (Photo: YouTube)

John Oliver is going to be thrilled about this. The Federal Communications Commission said that an “overwhelming surge” of last-minute comments about net neutrality has prompted the agency to extend the deadline to accept messages from tonight to until Friday at midnight.

More than 647,000 comments regarding what the future of the Internet should look like were delivered as of last week, says FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler. Some of that astounding amount of responses is credited to outspoken HBO host who delivered an amazing rant against the proposed ideas in early June. He’s even credited for crashing the FCC’s website at one point.

Under the FCC’s controversial proposal, the agency would let Internet giants pay for “fast lanes” in order to get their content faster to subscribers. However, that would place smaller companies at a disadvantage because they wouldn’t be able to afford to do that. As the Verge notes, it’s still going to be “some time” before the FCC decides on anything official.