Park Officials Ban Water Balloons at This Year’s Central Park Water Fight

Things are about to cool down in Central Park. (Getty)

Park Officials are setting themselves up to be wet blankets at this Saturday’s Central Park water fight.

This year, they’ve banned one of the only things that still has the potential to enchant New Yorkers amid a summer in the city: water balloons.

The event’s Facebook page is careful to warn water fight goers that Park Officials will promptly force them to dispose of all water balloons, should they bring any. Oh, and don’t forget to #Staywet, they add. Which shouldn’t be too hard—acceptable gear includes super soakers, water guns, squirt guns, spray bottles and water blasters.

So stay safe, obey the rules and before you take your phone out to document the epic H2O battle, ask yourself should I really do it for the Vine?