Penn State Drops Recruit Over Sketchy Social Media Presence

Pro tip: Delete everything.

Mr. Hand is watching u. (Photo: Twitter)

Mr. Hand is watching u. (Photo: Twitter)

This should serve as a helpful reminder that whatever you post on social media is public.

Today, Penn State’s offensive line coach Herb Hand announced that he dropped a prospect from his football team because of their “social media presence.” He tweeted that he was fortunate to see “the ‘real’ person before we offered” them a scholarship at the college. The player’s name wasn’t released.

As the Washington Post notes, all Penn State coaches must use Twitter as a recruiting tool. The coaching staff apparently keeps a close eye on its prospects’ social media accounts to see if their reputation could hurt Penn State’s. That sounds terrifying! While one screw-up won’t hurt their scholarship chances, a pattern of the fuck-ups might.

We’re so glad we don’t play sports.