Samsung Phone Blocks Bullet from Entering Shooting Victim's Chest

Do iPhones do that?

Hero. (Facebook)

Hero. (Facebook)

There’s now at least one reason to opt for a Samsung phone.

A shooting victim in Taiwan was saved when a bullet heading for his chest instead hit the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 in his pocket, Shanghaiist reports

The fiasco reportedly began in a restaurant when a man named Han, 38, allegedly stole the wallet of Xu, 46, a man at a neighboring table. Han then reportedly offered to “treat everyone beers,” which made Xu — quite reasonably — upset.

What wasn’t so reasonable was that Han and Xu allegedly ended up taking their fight outside, and drawing weapons — Han a sickle (sorry, WTF?!), and Xu a gun. When Xu fired, the bullet reportedly passed through Han’s arm — which he raised to protect himself — and then lodged itself into the Samsung phone in his pocket, which prevented the bullet from entering Han’s chest.

Though the Samsung phone definitely deserves praise, Shanghaiist notes that Xu was using a “modified gun,” which was “not as powerful as a normal one.”

Still, it’s nice to know Samsung phones can do something more useful than spontaneously burst into flame.

[h/t Apple Daily]