Samsung's Largest, 'Most Curved' Television Can Be Yours for Just $120,000

Imagine all the crow's feet you can see on the Housewives.

Curved in the right places. (Photo: Samsung)

Curved in the right places. (Photo: Samsung)

Attention rich people: There’s a new gadget for you to blow your weekly earnings on.

Samsung is introducing a 105-inch curved television that’s priced at a wallet-busting $120,000. Nope, we didn’t add in an extra two zeroes there — it really costs the same amount as a nice house in Pittsburgh.

Engadget says it’s the “world’s first, largest and most curved” television ever to grace Planet Earth. That means there are better viewing angles compared to a regular, boring old flat screen television.

Anyway, the tech experts say it’s an impressive television that features stunning ultra high definition capability, a decent wide ratio aspect (OK!) and the ability to separate the screen into four sections so you can watch TV and surf porn the Internet at the same time. A Samsung “Field Engineer” will also visit your house to help you sit it up.

Preorders begin today so make sure you alert the personal assistant.