Security Company Unearths 1,000 Nude Pics From 20 Used Android Phones

And also some bank info but who really cares.

Like this.

Like this.

Did you think restoring your phone to factory setting meant deleting each and every torrid midnight sext you’ve ever sent or received? So did we, don’t feel bad. But a Czech Republic-based security firm has proven that dick pics and sundry nude photos are actually not that hard to recover from a wiped Android.

The firm, Avast, bought 20 used Android phones which had all been reset to factory settings, BBC reports. They were able to extricate 40,000 stored photos. More than 750 were of ladies, naked and half-naked alike, while about 250 were of what appeared to be “the previous owner’s manhood,” Avast said on its site.

They also managed to extract 750 emails and texts and 250 contact names and a completed loan application from the out-of-date Androids. But who cares about financial info when there are dick pics at stake?

Avast provided some info on how to permanently delete the data and overwrite it from your phone. So if you’re one of the bargain-book-bin lovers who uses an Android, you might want to check it out.