Stephen Colbert Is Dropping a Deuce on the Smart Toilet Industry

Of course he is.

Coming soon. (Image via YouTube)

Coming soon. (Image via YouTube)

Celebrity chefs have already been debating smart kitchen devices, so what will they think when they catch wind of this smart cup?

When Stephen Colbert heard of Vessyl, a new smart cup that tracks your beverage intake “in real time,” it inspired him to create a smart device of his own, toylyt.

Our beloved host dedicated a segment of last night’s episode of The Colbert Report to tech. He began by mocking Vessyl, the debatably useless smart cup, which, as it turns out, is really simple to use. Pour your beverage into the cup, and the content’s identity along with the number of calories it is will display on your iPhone. Basically, it’s a glorified soda can.

Next came the big announcement:

“Even when Vessyl does launch, it still only measures your beverage intake. That’s only half the hydration equation,” he said. “What about tracking your output? That’s why tonight I’m excited to announce the pre-realease ideal launch of my product, toylyt, the first cutting edge e-receptacle capable of handling all your 1.0 and 2.0 downloads, in real time.”

This isn’t the world’s first smart toilet, but the logic here, we presume, is that if tech minds are creating such smart devices, there must be room for Colbert in Silicon Valley.

(h/t The Verge)