Terrible New Wristband Shocks Lazy People Into Working Out

Sure, this is going to help.

Torture device. (Photo: Pavlok)

Torture device. (Photo: Pavlok)

After a long day of creating shareable content, the last thing Team Betabeat wants to do is go to the gym. But this new, terrible wristband might change that. The Pavlok is a wearable fitness tracker that appears to violate the rules in the Geneva Conventions because it’ll physically shock the user if they don’t work out.

Per the Telegraph, Inventor Maneesh Sethi said the device is basically your nagging father. It tracks productive behavior, like waking up at a time that isn’t noon or a regular gym routine, so it becomes a good habit. And if users don’t do it, negative reinforcement — the shock — is used to scold them. The shock is described as the feeling of a static shock.

The Telegraph writes:

The creator cites a piece of research from Duke University which suggests that as much as 40 per cent of our days are filled with habitual behavior, rather than directed by conscious choice. If a Pavlok user can make positive decisions and actions a habit then they will be able to continue them in the long-term, he argues.

A release date and price have not yet been announced. We’re probbbbbbaly just going to stick with a Jawbone, guys.