There Goes The Neighborhood: Vice Continues its Williamsburg Takeover

Glasslands Gallery, one of the venues Vice may have out-priced (getty)

Glasslands Gallery, one of the venues Vice may have out-priced (Photo: getty)

Vice Media continues its not-super-hostile-but-kind-of-a-bummer takeover of Williamsburg, rumored to out-price local institutions like Glasslands, Death by Audio, and the former 285 Kent space Gothamist reported. And while Vice isn’t exactly Big Business—they described their new offices to the Wall Street Journal as “a freaky, space-age utopia”—it’s not quite a Down-Home-Mom-And-Pop Magazine either.

The online-content company is reportedly moving its Williamsburg headquarters to a former industrial building located at South Second Street and Kent Avenue. The fresh digs will let them virtually double their existing staff to a new total of 925. This staggering job increase would come with $6.5 million in state tax incentives to keep them from moving headquarters to their LA. office.

Since 2004 Vice has been gradually eating the neighborhood, absorbing more and more of its side of the block. This year alone they took over a former bus depot and out-priced the former Beacon’s Closet thrift store space, amassing a total of 30,000 square feet. Their new location will be 60,000-square-feet. With 36 offices world-wide and 21st Century Fox’s recent stock acquisition, Williamsburgers (we claim licensing rights to the food truck name) must be getting anxious.