This Alcohol Vaporizor Sends Tequila Straight To Your Bloodstream, Gets You Buzzed Instantly

The next must-have kitchen appliance.

Drunk off vapor (Image via YouTube).

Drunk off vapor (Image via YouTube).

If it’s the effects of alcohol rather than its deliciously intoxicating taste that drive you to drink, this new gadget is bound to get your party started.

The Vapshot mini vaporizes liquor so you can inhale your shots for an instant buzz.

Simply pour in the booze, inject the vapor into the Vapshot bottle, and 20 seconds later, you’re breathing in Jack Daniel’s through a straw.

Inhaling the vapor means you’re skipping the whole digestive system entirely and introducing the alcohol directly into your bloodstream, so it should only be another 20 seconds until you feel like dancing.

But wait — couldn’t introducing shots of straight liquor directly into your bloodstream be dangerous?!?

Hold your horses, college undergrads (and whoever else had big, big plans for this thing). While the instantaneous buzz is kind of awesome, the Vapshot mini won’t be too helpful if you’re trying to “go hard” or “get shwastey.” Binge consumption with the device only is nearly impossible, for each Vapshot is equivalent to only 1/60th of a typical one ounce shot.

The Vapshot mini, which runs from $700 to $800, works with any liquor, mixed drink or even wine. Just know that vaping your wine doesn’t count as your “classy night,” regardless of the presence of cheese or chocolate.

(h/t Engadget)