This Computer Can Predict Which Kids Will Binge Drink as Teens

I guess approximating "most of them" isn't specific enough.

This is probably a post prom party. (Photo via Wikipedia)

This is probably a post prom party. (Photo via Wikipedia)

If you’re wondering which teens are most likely to be crushing thirties of Natty Ice and working on their keg stands by age 16, there’s new #tech for that.

Neuroscientists “taught” a computer to look at factors commonly associated with teen binge drinking and predict future drinking habits of 14-year-olds, The Verge reported.

In the study, published today in Nature, the researchers linked binge drinking habits of 16-year-olds to various data surrounding their personality, life history and other traits that was collected when they were 14.

The computer found more than 40 variables that influence future alcohol abuse in teens, and when applied to a new group of 14-year-olds, the computer predicted binge drinkers with 70 percent accuracy.

“We learned that predicting teenage binge drinking is possible,” Robert Whelan, the study’s lead author, told The Verge.

He believes picking out these trends and providing early intervention for those at risk could prevent destructive alcohol abuse among teenagers.

Only time will tell.