Tim Wu Wants Kathy Hochul to ‘Come Out of Hiding’

Zephyr Teachout with Tim Wu. (Photo: Facebook)

Zephyr Teachout with Tim Wu. (Photo: Facebook)

Tim Wu has a message for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s running mate: come out, come out wherever you are.

Mr. Wu, a college professor and the candidate for lieutenant governor on Zehyr Teachout’s ticket, chided ex-Congresswoman Kathy Hochul for not appearing on the campaign trail after a New York Post column alleged yesterday that Mr. Cuomo was purposefully keeping his running mate out of the limelight because of her conservative views.

“When is Kathy Hochul going to come out of hiding? Maybe someone should file a missing persons report,” Mr. Wu said in a statement this morning. “Or maybe — just maybe — she’s in hiding because she knows that her anti-immigrant, pro-gun record won’t cut it among Democratic voters in New York state. There is no doubt about it: there’s a giant gap between my beliefs and Kathy Hochul’s.”

Ms. Hochul was briefly a Buffalo area congresswoman, where she was known as an aggressive opponent of gun control measures and a critic of programs intended to help undocumented immigrants. Mr. Cuomo in May named her to be his candidate for lieutenant governor; since then, she has been seldom seen in public. (Mr. Cuomo’s GOP rival, Weschester County Executive Rob Astorino, regularly releases a public schedule for his running mate.)

“Kathy Hochul made her name based on her anti-immigrant policies; my family story is an immigrant success story. I am of Taiwanese-Anglo descent; for generations New York’s hard working and vibrant immigrant communities have made New York a state of opportunity,” Mr. Wu railed.

“My opponent needs to let the Democratic voters decide whether they want a conservative Lt. Governor candidate like Kathy Hochul, who likes guns better than New Yorkers who are immigrants, or whether they want a progressive candidate like me who believes in safe streets and opportunity for every New Yorker, regardless of their background,” he added.

Ms. Teachout and Mr. Wu are running against Mr. Cuomo in the Democratic primary after the labor-backed Working Families Party, which threatened to endorse Ms. Teachout, eventually settled on Mr. Cuomo. Ms. Teachout is highly unlikely to defeat Mr. Cuomo, but a scenario exists where Mr. Wu can prevail over Ms. Hochul even if Ms. Teachout loses, potentially saddling Mr. Cuomo with a lieutenant governor he does not want.

Mr. Cuomo’s campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.