UK Man Builds World's Biggest Fart Machine in Giant Butt, Aims it at France

Just what the world needed.

It won't be this cute (Image via Flickr).

It won’t be this cute (Image via Flickr).

Ahhh, the sweet smell of innovation. Wait, those are farts.

One silly English dude is building the world’s biggest fart machine so he can let one rip on France.

Colin Furze, the prank’s mastermind, also plans to build a giant butt. Upon completion, he’ll install his farting mechanism inside the anus of the butt, set it up on the White Cliffs of Dover and let one rip towards France on July 24, Gizmodo reported.

To make the sound loud enough to reach the French, Mr. Furze is using the engines that powered the Nazi V-1 bombs, which apparently, sounded like farts. It’s unclear if a ripe smell will be produced, but everyone (besides the French) can only hope.

If this madman’s plan works, the French are in for a good bum rustler.