You Can Now Burn Your Face into Bread With This Selfie Toaster

Because why not?

Just no. (Photo via Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation)

This is not necessary. (Photo via Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation)

Just as you were growing concerned with millennial’s obsession with selfies, someone threw them right in with the most important meal of the day.

A company is taking custom orders so you can get a selfie branded onto your multigrain and literally eat your face for breakfast.

“You don’t have to be famous or Jesus to get your face on toast,” reads the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation‘s site.

According to the site, all it takes to “create fun breakfast memories” is $75 and a high resolution photo. Common sense says it could be of anything or anybody, but c’mon — even Cory Booker is doing a selfie series.

Choose wisely if selfie toast is truly high up on your priority list, though. The company acknowledges that high res photos don’t translate too well to bread and will cancel your order and refund your money if they “squint and can’t see your face.”

Sounds promising. Hopefully this is as far as the union of food and selfies will go.