Cheaters Feel Cheated By Ashley Madison's $20 Profile Deletion Fee

They have to pay for those ads somehow.

Oh. (Photo: Screenshot)

Oh. (Photo: Screenshot)

Don’t expect an amicable breakup with Ashley Madison.

The seedy site, which coordinates hookups between married men and women, is angering customers with a $19 profile deletion fee. This recently came to light in an Ars Technica story from a peeved user. They wrote that the fee feels like a “crappy way of a company extorting money out of a (presumably wealthy) audience eager to quickly hide the details of their sordid extramarital dealings.”

Even though deletion fees are rare, the site’s CEO Noel Biderman defended it. There are free options, like the Hide My Profile Permanently option, if a user is feeling a change of heart. However, that just hides it and doesn’t fully erase the profile. The Full Delete goes a step further and deletes everything.

“We’ve developed a product where we’ll go back in time and remove photos and conversations that you’ve had,” Mr. Biderman told Ars Technica. “We feel it’s more than fair to charge a nominal fee to take that away.”

As for the $19, apparently that goes toward administrative costs. He said that around 16,000 of the site’s nearly 30 million users pay for it so they can pretend their extra marital affairs never happened.