E-Cigarettes Are Apparently a 'Gateway' Drug, According to Heart Association

AHA asks for tougher regulation, ban on minors.

Imagine this for e-cigs. (Photo: The Truth)

Imagine this for e-cigs. (Photo: The Truth)

The American Heart Association has a lot of feelings about e-cigarettes, and most of them aren’t good.

The health group suggests the devices should be used only as a last resort when quitting smoking, according to a new policy statement released today. It warns that e-cigs could serve as a “gateway” drug (to what? flavored rolling paper?) and they could “fuel and promote nicotine addiction.” That goes against the industry’s drumbeat which suggests e-cigs are a safer alternative to old-fashioned ciggies.


The study, which was published in health journal Circulation, asked the FDA to implement stricter rules on e-cigs so they’re regulated like tobacco products (i.e. kids under 18 can’t buy them anymore). AHA CEO Nancy Brown released a statement expressing her concern about the rapid ride of e-cigs:

“Over the last 50 years, 20 million Americans died because of tobacco. We are fiercely committed to preventing the tobacco industry from addicting another generation of smokers,” she said. “Recent studies raise concerns that e-cigarettes may be a gateway to traditional tobacco products for the nation’s youth, and could renormalize smoking in our society.”

We’re not sure if we’re emotionally ready for Truth ads focused on e-cigs, tbh.