Free Yourself From the Starbucks Slog with the Kalita Wave Coffee Brewer

Sometimes returning to the roots of simple design can yield the best, tastiest results.

The Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave style set, available for $69.95

It’s time to ditch your Gaggenau-envy and stop worrying that your 1970s-style French press is retro in the wrong way. The Kalita Wave Pour Over Coffee Brewer is currently the most wanted way to make coffee. Sure, you may still occasionally regret ignoring your interior designer’s suggestions regarding all the other kitchens in your apartment’s price bracket but you saved $500 didn’t you? Now you’re free to join the everyone’s-an-artisan movement and get cozy with the Kalita. The simple method and Cold War-era appearance of this brewer make it the latest kitchen must-have for those who crave authenticity in all things.

There are no buttons to push with the Wave: simply place the stainless steel dripper over the glass bottom and pour over hot water. The ingenious flat bottom filter reduces contact between the brewing space and the dripper itself, meaning you literally get closer to the bean. Within moments the unmistakable aroma will fill the room and you’ll have a cup of exceptional coffee waiting.

Kalita started in Tokyo over 50 years ago, selling paper filters. Having expanded stateside, the Wave series was released four years ago and has become the go-to product among many of New York City’s leading coffee shops, including Counter Culture, Stumptown and Irving Farm.

Coffee-wise, this could be the easiest way to wow the book club yet.

The Kalita Wave style set, available for $69.95 at Irving Farm Coffee locations around the city.