Google Is Reinforcing Its Undersea Cables So Sharks Will Stop Eating Them

Their poor teeth.

Mean cuisine. (Photo: YouTube)

Mean cuisine. (Photo: YouTube)

The end of Shark Week can’t come fast enough for Google. The company’s fiber optic cable lines that sit in the Pacific Ocean are being chomped at by hungry sharks so much that it has to undergo a massive repair project.

The thousands of miles of cables deliver the Internet at speeds as fast as one gigabyte per second among several countries, so they’re kind of important. Google announced last week that its cables in the Pacific will be reinforced with “Kevlar-like material” to better protect them.

So, why are sharks lasering in on the wires? Are they wrapped in dolphin? Human flesh? Steak? Nope. According to Network World, the “electricity from the fiber cables may attract the sharks, who mistake the currents for prey.” The goal of the new casing is to decrease the amount of impulses that are coming off the wires so sharks can stop thinking it’s lunch.