In Zuck's World, a Bucket of Ice Water Is Cheaper Than Donating to Charity

One picture of a wet Zuck, comin' right up.

Slippery Zuck. (Photo: Facebook, duh)

Slippery Zuck. (Photo: Facebook, duh)

Mark Zuckerberg might be worth billions, but he apparently doesn’t have $100 to spare for charity.

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie nominated the Facebook founder to take part in the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” It’s the latest in slacktivism trends to spiral out of control on the Internet. The point is to either dump a frigid vat of water on your head or, if you don’t comply within 24 hours, you have to shell out $100 to ALS research. You can also do both.

Think of it as a highbrow, but low calorie version of icing.

So, with minutes remaining on the clock, Zuck doused himself in cold water, because hell, who wants to donate money to charity? The video of said dousing can be found on his Facebook page, natch.

He then nominated Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sine that’s everyone’s dream team when one thinks of high-profile people in soaking clothes. Granted, it’s unclear if Zuck donated to the ALS Association, so it’s good news that the campaign has raised more than $4 million so far.