Kim Kardashian's Video Game Is Now Available to Ruin Your Life on Your Desktop Computer, Too

Great for when you need a break from the iPhone version.

If you’re as addicted to virtual “networking,” “flirting” and “reacting to backdrop change” as we are, we’ve got some equally bad and good news.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: the App is now available on the Mac App Store. “This allows people to play on their Mac Laptops and Desktop computer :-)” as Kim herself explained in an Instagram post this afternoon.

So, congratulations. You can now work your way from the E list to the D list from the comfort of your own work cubicle. You can also contribute to North West’s college fund!

Feel free to load up your second monitor, if you’re a Wall Street type, with this website that shows you exactly how much Ms. Kardashian and the app’s developers are making on the game in real time. (Try to stay away from sharp objects.)

The new version will definitely help your chances at becoming a famous celeb since, as we all know, hovering over your phone will make you look like Quasimodo. Taking in the app’s fiendish glow from a desktop monitor is definitely better for your mental and physical health.