Manchester United Puts An End to iPad Selfies By Banning Tablets

Please make this happen in America.

Huggable soccer friends. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Huggable soccer friends. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Manchester United has a novel idea for fans who want to bring their obnoxious iPads to the games: don’t.

The soccer team, ugh club, is banning the use of “large electronic devices” in its stadium because they’ve had enough of those awkward selfies. According to a letter distributed to fans last night, the team specifically calls out iPads and iPads Minis along with any gadget that is larger than 150mm x 100m, so that includes the three people who own a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Fans can still bring in their smartphones and regular cameras to take a selfie. Curiously, the list doesn’t (yet) include drones if anyone over there is feeling ambitious enough to take a dronie of Wayne Rooney.

(H/T The Guardian)