Morning Links: Goodbye Corcoran Edition

The Corcoran. (Courtesy

The Corcoran. (Courtesy

A Washington, D.C. judge has approved a plan to dissolve the Corcoran Gallery of Art and divide its collection between the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University. [NYT]

Shepard Fairey is painting a mural on the giant wall space that faces Houston Street and The Bowery. Last time he painted on that wall, people kicked holes in it. He’s back anyway. [Bowery Boogie]

Stop what you’re doing and spend your next hour watching these two critics look at the same painting for an hour. [artnet]

Meet Bambi, the female Banksy. [The Guardian]

Francesca Grillo, who was accused of stealing £685,000 from her old boss Charles Saatchi, is following her former employer into the art game. Get excited for something “like an abstract Factory—a bit like what Warhol did.” [The Guardian]

To meet the demands of a New York fanbase clamoring for more Koons, the Whitney Museum is now open on Mondays, allowing those craving Koons the chance to see “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” six times a week. Going five times a week just isn’t enough Koons. [NYT]

Researchers ask: Could computers put art historians out of work? Probably not. We probably still need art historians. [The Telegraph]