Murder Suspect Asks Siri Where to Dump His Dead Roommate's Body

Who says Siri is useless?

Mr. Bravo's phone. (Photo: ActionNewsJax/Police)

Mr. Bravo’s phone. (Photo: ActionNewsJax/Police)

A Florida man accused of killing his roommate found a novel use for Siri. Police say 20-year-old Pedro Bravo allegedly kidnapped and strangled his friend in 2012, but didn’t know where to dispose of the body — that was, until Siri helped him out.

According to his iPhone’s records, Mr. Bravo allegedly asked Siri “I need to hide my roommate.” The personal assistant app kindly responded by asking “What kind of place are you looking for?” and then offered him four ideal places, including metal foundries, dumps, swamps and reservoirs.

Mr. Bravo allegedly chose a forest in Gainesville to dump the body, which wasn’t discovered until weeks later. Police say Mr. Bravo’s iPhone shows him using the flashlight function around the same time he buried the body and the location data recorded on it doesn’t mesh with Mr. Bravo’s account of the evening.

The trial is expected to finish next week.