Norwegian Man Arrested for Allegedly Drunk Driving a Segway, Having Fun

Let the man have some FUN.

Probably not him, but still. (Photo: Flickr)

Probably not him, but still. (Photo: Flickr)

Beep beep, here comes the fun police. A man in Norway was arrested for terrorizing the people of Oslo, Norway, because he was allegedly driving a Segway around drunk. BBC News reports he was showing some “strange behavior,” like failing to keep his balance on the dummy cart.

Finn Erik Groenliveien, the head of Oslo’s traffic police unit, said they’re waiting for results of a blood test to confirm if the man was drunk. He said people who zip around on Segways don’t think the drunk driving laws apply to them. Not so!

“I really hope we’re not risking having lots of drink-drivers on two-wheeled vehicles,” he’s quoted as saying. “These are treated like any other vehicle when it comes to the limit on blood alcohol.”

It seems there’s a learning curve because Segways and other “self-balancing vehicles” were previously banned in Norway because they had to be classified as mopeds. Officials didn’t think the vehicles, which are capable of moving as fast as 12 miles per hour, were safe.

The government had a change of heart and approved them because believe Segways can “revolutionize traffic patterns.” Or at least take people the to the bar faster.