NYC Animal Shelter Adds Its Dogs to Tinder, Makes Hundreds of Matches

Because Sarah McLachlan infomercials apparently don’t hit home hard enough.

Is that what we need to do to get a swipe right these days? (Screengrab via Puppy Love)

Is that what we need to do to get a swipe right these days? (Screengrab via Puppy Love)

While swiping hastily through Tinder this weekend, New Yorkers might have been surprised to see a surprising number of puppies. No, not profile photos of city singles posing with their dogs — we all automatically swipe left on those anyway — actual profiles for dogs.

The sudden preponderance of pups is an effort by Social Tees, a no-kill animal shelter in the East Village, to find homes for its abandoned dogs. The project made 1,500 matches in the first 24 hours and has already placed an animal in a new home, TechCrunch reports.

If all this sounds familiar, you may remember BarkBuddy, an app that essentially provides the same service, only without all of the annoying humans. It only follows naturally that if there’s going to be a Tinder of shelter dogs, it might as well actually be on Tinder.

In the promotional video for the campaign, a woman swipes left through an assortment of bros, before flirting with a small white puppy, straddling the line between adorably clever and a tad bizarre. It’s unclear how long the project will last, or if there’s a way to opt out of the service, which seems a little obnoxious considering it’s already tiresome enough swiping through bad matches without having to content with an unending stack of dog profiles, too.

Then again, between tides of creepers and a burgeoning population of porn bots— not to mention the difficulty of finding a meaningful connection online — we wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the most rewarding new part of the app.