Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With India As Amazon Starts Testing Its Delivery Drones There

Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Can't wait to hear these buzzing above.(Screengrab: YouTube)

Can’t wait to hear these buzzing above. (Screengrab: YouTube)

When Amazon announced their plans to deliver orders via drone, the world was hopeful, yet skeptical.

But what we thought were nothing more than Amazon’s wildest fantasies may be coming true. Two sources with knowledge of the project’s development revealed that initial testing for the Prime Air drone delivery service could begin as soon as October, according to India’s The Economic Times.

Sadly, drones won’t be dropping a second bottle of whipped cream vodka on your doorstep just yet. Despite their petitioning efforts, Amazon was unable to convince the FAA to bend the rules and let them release their drones into the American skies. Unwilling to wait for the U.S. to get on their futuristic octocopter level, the company has reportedly decided to take their trials elsewhere.

Mumbai and Bangalore, India, are both homes to Amazon warehouses and will be the first cities to get the drone treatment.

The octocopters are expected to carry up to five pounds of weight, which will support 86 percent of products sold on Amazon. It’s unclear how long most deliveries will take, but some top-selling products like phones and books will likely be delivered in less than three hours for some customers.

Good, because when you need a new phone, you need a new phone.