Portland Man Claims Apple Store Printed Homophobic Slur On Receipt

Oh no.

The alleged receipt. (Photo: Facebook)

The alleged receipt. (Photo: Facebook)

Uh oh, did Apple just piss off the gay mafia?

Portland resident Adam Catanzarite is accusing the computer company of printing an inflammatory slur on his receipt after a recent purchase from an Apple Store. On July 8, the non-profit worker said the word “f@g” — yes, with the @ replacing the letter ‘a’ — appeared on his receipt for a $30 pair of earbuds.

Not surprisingly, that angered Mr. Catanzarite, so he wrote a heated note on his Facebook page:

“Being queer and having worked with queer youth, I know first-hand that this is an example of the type of #homophobic beliefs and actions that lead young people to harm themselves. This type of action is NOT OKAY, especially from a company that prides itself on being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming.”

He said a manager at the Apple store “did not do what he said he would to rectify the situation,” although as Queerty points out, Mr. Catanzarite doesn’t say how they were going to help the situation. Calls from a reporter at the Oregonian newspaper to the store were directed to HQ in Cupertino who only said the company is “aware” of the incident, but didn’t elaborate past that.

If this is true, Apple is going to need a lot of good luck facing the impending wrath of Gay Internet.