The Rise of Aritifical Intelligence Is Very Concerning to Space Explorer Elon Musk

We're quivering.

Scared of robots. (Mr. Musk. Photo: Wikipedia)

Scared of robots. (Mr. Musk. Photo: Wikipedia)

We guess Elon Musk won’t be attending the robot Olympics. The billionaire mastermind behind technology companies like Tesla Motors and SpaceX says artificial intelligence is “potentially more dangerous than nukes.” Oh, shit.

Mr. Musk, who tweeted the comment over the weekend, is apparently feeling a little shaken up from reading Superintelligence. The book “explores the future of humanity when machines surpass us in intelligence,” writes The Independent. He added that we should be “super careful” of the AI, because who knows what the hell your Keurig machine is thinking.

Nick Bostrom, the book’s author, claims that robots are going to obtain the same level of intelligence that humans have and could lead to some potentially dire consequences. “Whatever AI surpasses human-level intelligence first will have the advantage over pretty much everything and everyone else on Earth,” the newspaper summarizes.

Mr. Musk hopes that we’re not the “biological boot loader” (the software that is basis of an operating system) for “digital super intelligence,” a.k.a. we’re not creating robots that will soon overtake us. He added: “Unfortunately, that is increasingly probable.”

Is it just us, or is Musk funding SpaceX as an escape plan from earth once the robots overtake us?