Three Teens Created an App for Reviewing Police Officers

It's like Yelp for your local cops.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

In the wake of last week’s Ferguson, Missouri, riots, three Georgia teens have created an app that enables people to document and share instances of police abuse and misbehavior.

The creators are siblings Caleb Christian, 14, Ima Christian, 16, and Asha Christian, 15, Business Insider reports. The app is called Five-O. From BI:

“We’ve been hearing about the negative instances in the news, for instance most recently the Michael Brown case, and we always talk about these issues with our parents,” Ima Christian told Business Insider. “They always try to reinforce that we should focus on solutions. It’s important to talk about the issues, but they try to make us focus on finding solutions. That made us think why don’t we create an app to help us solve this problem.”

Users can submit details of police abuse and rate officers, BI says, making this somewhat like a Yelp for shady cops. Users are also encouraged to share good experiences they’ve had.

It’ll be tough for Five-O to stand a chance legally when compared to police reports, cop-written accounts whose veracity is rarely questioned. Also, there’s potential for abuse within the app — we’d imagine there won’t be much in the way of reliable fact-checking of users’ stories.

Still, enabling citizens to compare notes after they’ve had a bad experience could definitely help weed out repeat offenders. At least someone’s trying to fix this problem.