Twitter Is 'Actively Suspending' Accounts That Show Pictures From James Foley's Murder

The pictures appearing unprompted angered the community.

Mr. Foley. (Photo: Twitter)

Mr. Foley. (Photo: Twitter)

Twitter is suspending accounts that tweet out images of the gruesome beheading of American photographer James Foley. 

In what appears to be an unprecedented step, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo tweeted that the company is “actively suspending” accounts. He also included a link to the New York Times about the killing.

Yesterday, graphic images appeared on users’ timelines showing a member of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) killing Mr. Foley. That led to anger within the Twitter community of being forced to see the graphic pictures without advanced warning. Several news organizations, including CNN, are not showing the video because of its graphicness.

Also, YouTube faced criticism when a copy of the video appeared on the site, but it was pulled down within 20 minutes.