Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Explain Why She Was Banned From Facebook

She even talks about her iPhone.

Stunning. (Photo: YouTube)

Stunning. (Photo: YouTube)

This is not how you treat a queen, Zuck!

On last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, comedic empress Julia Louis-Dreyfus expressed her frustrations with Facebook. It’s hard to forget that provocative Rolling Stone cover from April where she posed naked with the United States Constitution tattooed on her back.

Welp, it mistakenly included John Hancock’s signature, who, as the Internet threw up on itself to remind you, didn’t sign it.

Her friend had a clever idea to get back at the haters: post a baby picture of herself to Facebook with a tattoo of Hancock’s name so it looked like she had it the whole time. She did that, but Facebook ended up blocking her profile due to its insane rules.

“They think I’m some kind of pervert for posting naked baby pictures,” she said.