Woman Claims iPhone Left Huge Burn on the Side of Her Face

Speaker phone might have been a better option.

Gross. (YouTube)

Gross. (YouTube)

Another day, another story of an iPhone casually burning its user. Technology is awesome!

A woman in China’s Hunan province claims the side of her face was left burned and permanently scarred after a long conversation on her iPhone with her boyfriend. 

During the conversation, which reportedly took place in July, the woman felt her iPhone getting hotter than normal. Apparently never having heard of speaker phone, text messaging, or anything that doesn’t involve a searing hot phone pressed against your skin, the woman continued using the phone until the end of their conversation.

The woman first attempted to treat her face with an ice pack, and later with some ointment from a doctor, both to avail. She went to another hospital, where she reportedly learned she’d suffered an electrical burn from her iPhone. We’re not sure what’s worse — that, or your iPhone making your breast implant explode.

If you care to learn more about this delightful tale, you can watch this really weird video re-enactment of the story, which appears to have been made via The Sims.

[h/t Shanghaiist]