Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Make Her Hand Look Better in Engagement Selfies

This is part of a larger trend of selfie-sparked nips and tucks.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

It’s tough to tell what’s weirder — that a woman got plastic surgery to make her hand look better in pictures, or that she admitted to it and allowed ABC News to use her real name.

Either way, here’s the story: Christa Hendershot got engaged and decided her hand was too unsightly to befit an engagement ring selfie, ABC News says. The Mount Sinai, New York, resident “turned to plastic surgery, hoping it would smooth out her hands in order for them to become more ‘selfie worthy.'”

She dropped $3,000 on the hand rejuvenation. All that to post engagement selfies that most of your friends and family will probably talk shit about behind your back. Also, the story doesn’t specify whether she got both hands done, or just the crucial ring-bearing one.

ABC News also quotes another woman, Jen Muir, 33, who “realized she hated the way her nose looked” thanks to the scrutiny of her front-facing phone camera. She parted with $15,000 to have the situation rectified via rhinoplasty.

It’s no secret that our culture of documenting every last moment with cell phone photos and videos is leading to a rise in vanity, insecurity and, yes, cosmetic surgery. So Tim Cook, if you’re reading this, it might be in your interest to offer a two-for-one smartphone and rhinoplasty deal when you release the iPhone 6. Just a thought.