Fired Tattoo Artist Posts Photo of Ex-Boss Having Sex on Shop Couch to Business's Yelp Page

It sounds like a strange case of twisted revenge.


Tattoos can be cool, but research your local shops before going in. (Facebook)

This isn’t your average business review.

A disgruntled former employee of Explicit Ink Tattoo and Piercing in Fullerton, California uploaded a photo that he claims is of his former boss having sex on the shop couch to the business’s Yelp page.

User Rafael S. uploaded the photo recently along with a one-star review where he claims this to be a frequent occurrence. It is clear that a couple is having sex in the photo, but the man said to be the boss and shop owner can’t really be identified.

The user who uploaded the photo and left the bad review is a former employee who claims he left the shop after recently being accused of fraud and theft. So, is this a case of twisted Yelp revenge?

Whatever it is, there’s a lot of things wrong with this story. Firstly, there is somebody having sex on this tattoo parlor’s couch. If it is the owner, we suppose he can do whatever he wants, but regularly having sex in the middle of your shop certainly isn’t the best way to keep it clean and customer friendly.

Next, there’s a former employee who posted a photo of such events on Yelp. He also basically admitted to the theft he was accused of, writing “lol but stealing or not, it’s about good work” about himself in his review. He then went on to encourage us to check him out on Instagram. Maybe it’s a strange ploy for publicity?

(h/t Reddit)