Man Rents Billboard Outside Google Office in Desperate Bid to Get an Interview

Because resumes are so yesterday.

Meet Fred Brumwell, Google's latest interviewee (LinkedIn).

Meet Fred Brumwell, Google’s latest interviewee (LinkedIn).

“If you want to work at Google, you have to think big” is what we assume this guy was thinking.

A Canadian man named Fred Brumwell rented a billboard directly across from Google’s Kitchener, Ontario, offices in hopes of landing a job with the company.

The self-advertisement featured the word “hire” and the web address in Google-esque colored font. Mr. Brumwell’s nontraditional resume cost him more than $500, but he says it was worth every penny.

“I wanted to make sure I got noticed by Google and that hopefully that they would take a gander at me,” Mr. Brumwell told CBC News.

He’s been contacted for an interview, so it seems the hopeful Googler’s ambitions have paid off.

Additionally, his website — where he explains his qualifications and why he wants to work for Google — has seen more than 3,700 visitors since the billboard went up on Aug. 18.

If the Google thing doesn’t work out, at least his name is still out there — literally.