‘Closed Club’ is the Product Hunt of Failure

Introducing the first startup mortuary.

(Photo via William Murphy)

(Photo via William Murphy)

The startup world routinely fetishizes failure: “Fail fast, fail often,” as it were. Considering a good majority of all startups will eventually fail, it’s understandable for the world of early stage tech to spin a disaster into a learning opportunity.

Closed Club, another site in the vein of tech darling Product Hunt, is positioning itself as the go-to for startup failure. Closed Club wants to build a mortuary for startups where you can look at projects like Google Wave, Napster and the original Digg — along with dozens of lesser known startups — and figure out what went wrong.

“I thought it would be awesome to have a place where people could find and share information related to startups that were closed off, and also potentially learn why they shut down.” Closed Club founder Andrew Condurache told Betabeat. “Long term we want to make this an educational resource for entrepreneurs.”

Closed Club is just one in a small collection of Product Hunt copycats, though this one is a little more novel than an upvoting site for electronic music. Mr. Condurache wants to build out new verticals and education tools around why startups fail, and will start broadcasting an online radio show by the end of the month.

It’s unclear if Closed Club will pick up speed. Its initial growth was hampered by concerns about having to login through your Twitter account, which Mr. Condurache recently fixed. But if Closed Club can’t pick up traction, it could end up just like the startups it’s meant to examine.