‘Cloth’ Lets Your Friends Choose Your Outfit From Afar

It also tells you what to wear based on the weather.

You can be just like this cool gal, cataloguing her outfits. (Cloth)

You can be just like this cool gal, cataloguing her outfits. (Cloth)

After a successful period of beta testing, Cloth — the iPhone app that lets you help your BFFAEAE decide on the totes perfect brunch outfit — officially launched to the public this morning.

Founded last year by Seth Porges, Wray Serna and Bradford Stephens, Cloth was inspired by people’s tendency to ask their friends for outfit advice when they’re getting ready to go somewhere. It aims to replicate every facet of the ~getting ready~ experience all within a single app.

There are a number of ways to use Cloth to figure out what the heck you’re going to wear to Stacey’s “casual chic” holiday party in Nolita.

If you’re in need of some general inspiration, you can use the app’s “real-time street style search,” which lets you browse photos that other random users are taking of their outfits and sharing on the app. It seems to us like people might already use Instagram to do that, though we guess it’s useful to have an app exclusively devoted to outfit photos, with no eggs benedict pics mixed in.

Using the “My Wardrobe” function, you can also catalog photos of your own favorite outfits, and browse those for inspiration. You could also, you know, look through your actual wardrobe, but we guess that requires too much energy sometimes.

For the narcissist in you: Browse through photos of every outfit you've ever worn. (Cloth)

For the narcissist in you: Browse through photos of every outfit you’ve ever worn. (Cloth)

Two of Cloth’s features really caught our eye. First is the way it lets you interact with your friends. It’s not just that Cloth lets you message your friends and send each other photos of your outfit ideas — it’s already easy to do that with your phone’s text messaging function. What’s cool is that Cloth lets your friends browse your “Wardrobe” of past outfits and recommend the ones they think might be best, because getting your friends’ approval is fun and validating!



The second is Cloth’s weather notifications. The app uses real-time weather data to sort through your past outfits and suggest what you should wear each day, given the current conditions outside. We guess that means we can stop shuffling, half-dressed, out onto our balcony to determine whether we need a jacket or not.

Cofounder Mr. Porges was pleased with the results of Cloth’s beta run.

“The goal has always been to make getting dressed easier and more fun,” he said in a press release. “We wanted to make an app that enhances how people are already users their phones and fashion together, without forcing them into unnatural actions that they aren’t already doing.”