Tech Pro Queen Elizabeth Used Twitter For the First Time

Is Snapchat next?

How come we don't get a bouquet every time we tweet? (Screengrab: The Telegraph)

How come we don’t get a bouquet every time we tweet? (Screengrab: The Telegraph)

A few months after staging the most spectacular Instagram photobomb of all time, unexpected techie Queen Elizabeth II has pulled another much-talked about social media stunt.

Her Majesty sent out her very first tweet yesterday in honor of the opening of an “Information Age” exhibit at London’s Science Museum, the Telegraph reports.

The regal tweet was sent via the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account:

The ‘R,’ in case you were curious, is for “regina,” or queen.

Sure, the tweet was a little stiff, but everyone’s a little awkward when they first start using Twitter. We’re sure Queen Elizabeth’ll be tweeting out sign bunnies and BENGHAZI anagrams in no time at all.

Here’s a video of the royal tweet taking place:

Prince George better be next.