'TODAY Show' Kid Looks Miserable Wearing Selfie Halloween Costume

Yes, we've come to this.

Nope. (TODAY.com)

Nope. (TODAY.com)

With the advent of Halloween comes the inevitable advent of people trying to turn ~tech~ things into viable costumes. The results? Always terrible.

Case in point was the selfie costume — yes, folks, the SELFIE COSTUME — presented on this morning’s TODAY Show by Family Fun Magazine deputy editor Mary Giles. Despite the enthusiasm of Ms. Giles and TODAY Show hosts Willie Geist and Natalie Morales, nothing could conceal the sad, sad eyes of the poor child forced to wear this ridiculous and cumbersome-looking get-up:

"I just wanted to be Harry Potter" (TODAY.com)

“I just wanted to be Harry Potter.” (TODAY.com)

“This is a sheet of foam core with black poster board border,” Ms. Giles said, gesturing to her stoney-faced model. “You just paint your own portrait on the front, and then we attach some ribbon straps on the back so you wear it comfortably all night long.”

Did she forget the part where all your friends are embarrassed to be seen with you?

The obvious inconvenience of having to shove your face through a foam core hole all night isn’t the only downside to this selfie costume; what’s more troubling is that it doesn’t even necessarily represent a selfie! Seriously — what about the wearer’s fake “portrait” suggests the photo was taken by the wearer himself? If they wanted to make the costume convincing, they could have at least asked the kid to do duck face.