The Internet’s Going Crazy For a Mechanical Pencil That’ll ‘Last You a Lifetime’

It's almost raised five times its Kickstarter goal.

So sleek! So shiny! (Kickstarter)

So sleek! So shiny! (Kickstarter)

Attention anyone who—like us—has a weird fascination with shiny new office supplies.

A sleek, metal mechanical pencil that’ll purportedly “last you a lifetime” has recently crushed its $4,000 Kickstarter goal. With 56 days still remaining in the campaign, the pencil has already raised over $19,000, and we expect that number will keep on climbing. 

So what could possibly be so special about a dumb ol’ mechanical pencil? According to creator Andrew Sanderson, a mechanical designer in Austin, the relationship you’ll have with his fancypants pencil is unlike any you’ve ever had with a cheap offering from Bic.

“Rather than buying seven of one [pencil], if you just buy one and it lasts you much longer, it’s just better for everything,” Mr. Sanderson says in the campaign video. “Better for the environment, better for local manufacturing … you spend more time with it, and it becomes part of you, rather than you just use them thin, it’s broken, and you throw it away.”

Okay, this is a serious pencil. (Kickstarter)

Okay, this is a serious pencil. (Kickstarter)

The pencils are American-made from solid metal, and are available in either aluminum or brass. We haven’t held them, but they look like they have a ~nice weight~ to them.

“The complex and intricate inner workings of a mechanical pencil are difficult and expensive to manufacture, which is why the majority of them are made from plastic,” Mr. Sanderson writes on the campaign page. “My design uses standard drill sizes to reduce the manufacturing costs and has been precisely engineered to be replicated at large numbers while maintaining an extremely high level of quality and sleek design.”

It’s no surprise this mechanical pencil has been so successful; past evidence suggests the Kickstarter community just loves a good fancy writing implement. Remember the magical color-scanning Scribble Pen that blew through its $100,000 goal in just a few hours? We hope, however, that unlike the Scribble Pen, Mr. Sanderson’s mechanical pencil actually, you know, works.

Mr. Sanderson says the life-changing pencils will be shipped by February, 2015. For those who don’t text so much they’ve forgotten how to write, get excited.