A Two-Martini Lunch in Honor of Don Draper’s Final Farewell

Are you a Roger or a Don?

Roger Sterling, Don Draper (Photo: AMC).

Roger Sterling, Don Draper (Photo: AMC).

Everyone’s favorite alcoholic, sex-addled advertising exec, Don Draper, is set to make his last run on Mad Men in the show’s final season kicking off April 5th. To celebrate the New York-centric series, Mad Men Dining Week is sweeping its way through a handful of New York eateries, now a host of other hotspots like Gotham Bar and Grill are getting in on the fun too.

Head Chef Alfred Portale’s approach is decidedly old-school, offering a full three-course meal focused on tried and true classics. This includes a hefty Chicken Kiev, and a light Waldorf Salad that a lithe (circa season 2) Betty Draper might lust over, and for season 5 Betty Draper Francis, a less-than-healthy Baked Alaska dessert offering. For Monsieur Draper, the lunch also includes two Hangar One Vodka martinis, so perhaps it’s best to give this a try on a Friday.

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