Stained-Glass Leggings Are Perfect for Those Who Work Out Religiously

The designer behind Jennifer Lawrence's "Hunger Games" costumes also makes exercise gear.

Leadlight legging by Lucas Hugh (Photo: Lucas Hugh).

Leadlight legging by Lucas Hugh (Photo: Lucas Hugh).

Exercise classes are abloom this season with O.T.T. colors and prints. Who can deny that the best way to showcase a perfectly toned pair of stems is to encase them in pants too bright to ignore? This is where Lucas Hugh’s Leadlight printed, stretch leggings come in.

With a pattern that resembles a Pop Art stained-glass window, the leggings are perfect for anyone who has made CrossFit or Physique 57 her religion. Their graphic quality can be played up, with the brand’s matching crop top, or down, with a plain-black shirt.

Designer Lucas Hugh costumed Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, bringing her character Katniss Everdeen’s action scenes to life, fashion-wise. These sports-embracing designs are all about emphasizing a fit—not skinny—physique, and the heat-sealed, bonded seams and body-molding fabric will leave the wearer feeling capital.

Lucas Hugh leggings, $410, only available at select retailers such as the luxury fitness boutique Bandier at 915 Broadway in Flatiron.